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E-glass fiberglass chopped strand mat (powder and emulsion)
Product introduction:

It is a thin flake product made of about 50mm-long chopped strand of fiberglass roving, bonded with chemical binders, processed by mechanical action.
Product use and requirements:
Hand lay-up :
It is the main way for the manufacture of fiber glass reinforced plastic. In the method, fiberglass chopped strand mat applications can deduct the number of structural layer in FRP manufacture£¬to improve the efficiency of hand lay-up operation. In the processing , there are CSM quality requirements: good permeability for resin, good function for closing moulding, good performance for wiping off bubbles, and so on.
Winding:Generally it uses chopped strand mat and continous strand mat, in the process of WINDING , to chiefly make resin layer, inner liner and outer surface layer , in finished product¡¯s production.
Its CMS quality requirements are similar to the ones for hand lay-up.

It uses chopped strand mat as raw material, laying CSM into mould in advance, then adding resin into the rotating opening mould form, to densify the product through discharged bubbles by centrifugal pull. There are quality requirements : good permeability, good ventilation property and so on.

Currently CSM is used to produce such products which is of moderate intensity and homogeneous section, such as shiphull, automobile components, sanitary facility, water tank, furniture etc.

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